Built for patients, by patients, my̨ͼⱦ is a single destination patient portal, allowing patients to use any online device to virtually learn, enroll and engage in clinical trials.?

Only my̨ͼⱦ enables the full range of tools to build scalable, flexible solutions at every level of decentralized and hybrid clinical trials and our expert teams help you tackle problems creatively to find the most effective level of decentralization.

my̨ͼⱦ App

Expedite study start up and improve patient experiences. With this powerful native app, patients now have an additional option to easily access their my̨ͼⱦ patient portal through any mobile device – integrating clinical trial activities seamlessly into daily life.?

The my̨ͼⱦ App is built using ̨ͼⱦ Designer, our new platform configuration tool that builds rich patient experiences through easy to use screen templates, drastically reducing study start-up time.

my̨ͼⱦ app is available on iOS and Android, and can be used both on the patients own devices (BYOD) or via a provisioned device.

Put Patients at the Forefront of Your Studies

Single Clinical Trial Dashboard for Life

Eliminate the need for extra apps, logins, and unnecessary provisioned devices by giving your patients one location for all of their clinical trial activities. my̨ͼⱦ makes it simple and engaging for patients to participate in any clinical trial so your trials are easier, faster, and produce better results.

Enables Continuous Clinical Data Capture

Empower patients with choice in how they participate in research, so you can efficiently recruit the widest, most inclusive pool of participants, keep them engaged throughout your trial, and produce better study results. Only ̨ͼⱦ allows clinical trials to be more efficient with sites and patients on the same data platform, eliminating integrations and reducing burdens for patients and site staff.

Standardize on Technology

my̨ͼⱦ comes unified with the ̨ͼⱦ Platform, the platform used by the majority of clinical trials in the world-? eliminating the need for workflows, expediting timelines, mitigating risk, and reducing burdens. Only ̨ͼⱦ offers a scalable, end-to-end platform with easy configuration and multiple delivery models based on needs.

Key Features of my̨ͼⱦ


Clearer Consenting Process

To virtually enroll in a new study, patients access their my̨ͼⱦ account, then are guided through an electronic consenting process, known as eConsent. Through my̨ͼⱦ eConsent, patients watch the studys eConsent video and review all relevant consent documents. Upon confirming full understanding of the consent, the patient virtually signs their web-based eConsent. my̨ͼⱦ eConsent can be paired with my̨ͼⱦ LIVE Video Visits to allow for additional communications and touchpoints between study site staff and participants.


Upgraded Patient Experience

eCOA is built using Designer, enabling Sponsors and CRO partners to build rich patient experiences via intuitive visual workflow tools. Available through the my̨ͼⱦ native mobile app or any web-enabled device, patients can conveniently access their study tasks where and when its best for them. A better overall study experience makes it easier for patients to stay enrolled in trials while expediting timelines and reducing overall costs for sites and sponsors.

my̨ͼⱦ LIVE

Video Visits / Telehealth

my̨ͼⱦ LIVE is a web-based, live video conferencing capability, virtually connecting patients with their clinical trial study staff. A my̨ͼⱦ LIVE video visit between patients and sites can replace a scheduled site-based appointment and allow the study teams to complete their data entry in Rave while the patient remains engaged offsite through my̨ͼⱦ.? When used in combination with my̨ͼⱦ Registries and eConsent, site staff and patients can remain connected without the need for additional travel burdens.

my̨ͼⱦ Registries

Increased Trial Engagement

my̨ͼⱦ Registries expands patient participation from a single trial transaction to pre-and post-trial engagement and patient data return, resulting in a community of educated, empowered, and engaged patients prepared to participate.

Patient Insights

Built for Patients by Patients

̨ͼⱦ䡯s Patient Insights program infuses the patient perspective into the software development life cycle to create technical solutions that improve the overall patient experience in clinical research operations. The most sophisticated innovations in clinical trial technology are meaningless if patients wont use them.? To improve patient engagement, ̨ͼⱦ has now expanded access to our Patient Insights Board (PIB) and award-winning Patient Centricity by Design methodology to allow sponsors and CROs to optimize trial design and patient participation.

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