Rave Companion

Rave Companion reduces clinical trial data entry efforts for sites by making it simpler and faster to get source data from any system (e.g., EHR – electronic health record) or document (e.g., lab values in a spreadsheet) into Rave EDC. Rave Companion dramatically reduces the time trial sites spend keying in data and resolving queries so they can spend more time with their patients. And it enables sponsors and CROs to get higher quality data, faster.

Unlike EHR-to-EDC integration approaches that require point-to-point connections and complex mapping between systems, Rave Companion is much simpler and faster to implement, making it very scalable, and its not limited to EHR data.

Benefits of Rave Companion

Make Data Entry Faster and Easier for Sites

Enable your sites to dramatically reduce the time they spend re-keying data by quickly, easily, and accurately capturing electronic source data from any system (including EHR and CTMS) or document into Rave EDC.

Get Cleaner Clinical Trial Data, Faster

Rave Companion reduces manual data entry, resulting in fewer errors. Fewer errors means fewer queries need to be raised by your CRAs and Data Managers and resolved by your sites.

Reduce Data Monitoring Efforts

Rave Companion (via ̨ͼⱦ Health Record Connect) presents patient health record information to the site user, from which they can select to populate fields in the case report form and subsequently review and submit the data to Rave EDC. Because the data is electronically sourced, sponsors/CROs can reduce the need for source data verification (SDV).

Rave Companion has been really helpful in reducing my time and frustration with data entry. Its easy to use and always on top when I need it. It was simple to get started, and it helps me focus less on the manual burden of data entry and more on delivering great clinical research.

C Melanie Curole, Sr. Research Coordinator, Velocity Clinical Research

Were excited that ̨ͼⱦ has decided to invest in technology that directly addresses one of the major pain points in sites being able to take on and expand their clinical research efforts. We believe Rave Companion will reduce our time spent in data entry, increase job satisfaction, reduce monitoring costs, and ultimately make for better, more efficient research.

C User, Large Academic Research Center

Key Features of Rave Companion

Populate with EHR Data

Populate with EHR Data

Rave Companion presents structured EHR data (using ̨ͼⱦ Health Record Connect) to assist sites in quickly finding and selecting data for case report forms. Rave Companion further accelerates data entry by auto-populating multiple fields with values from the same data range. The site user can then review the completed form before submitting it to Rave EDC.

Always Stay In Sync

Always Stay In Sync

Theres no separate login to use Rave Companion. When a Rave EDC form is opened, Companion automatically pops up a compact replica of the form and stays in sync with the EDC form. The Companion form is free-floating, meaning users can have it alongside any source application or document. Theres no need to switch back and forth between windows. Data entered or captured into Companion is automatically reflected in Rave EDC, where the site can review it before its saved.

Capture Any Source Data

Capture Any Source Data

With Rave Companion, any site can simply point-and-click or drag-and-click to capture data from any source system (e.g., EHR, CTMS, eSource) or document (e.g., lab values in a spreadsheet).

Scale to All Your Sites and Studies

Scale to All Your Sites and Studies

Rave Companion is available to all sites and studies using Rave EDC. Its engine to access EHR data, ̨ͼⱦ Health Record Connect, is connected to the patient health records of over 90% of the top clinical research sites and thousands more in the US.

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We all know about the data entry or re-entry burden our clinical trials place on our sites. Much of that data may already exist in the EHR (electronic health record) system. This white paper explores the importance of solving the EHR to EDC data re-entry challenge; why weve struggled to solve the problem at scale; how regulatory and technology tailwinds make a scalable solution possible; and introduces ̨ͼⱦ䡯s solution, Rave Companion.

Solving the EHR to EDC Challenge

Recently, ̨ͼⱦ participated in the Clinical Leader Expo to showcasing data re-entry into EDC simpler and easier for clinical trial sites is crucial, why a scalable solution has been so difficult to achieve, and ̨ͼⱦ䡯s approach to solving this problem and its benefits for sites, patients, and sponsors/CROs.

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