DCT: Book of Case Studies


Decentralized Clinical Trials: Book of Case Studies

The FDA defines a decentralized clinical trial (DCT) as a clinical investigation where some or all of the trial-related activities occur at a location separate from the investigator’s location. This definition echoes ̨ͼⱦ’s vision of decentralized trials. All DCTs start with the patient and how they are participating in the study. Today’s clinical trial technologies let patients remotely engage with their trial activities, creating better patient experiences while letting sponsors execute faster, smarter trials driven by high-quality data.

Inspired by patients, powered by data, and securely delivered to scale. These are ̨ͼⱦ’s decentralized clinical trials. Our solutions make up an ecosystem of tools, people, and processes that let patients, sites, and sponsors participate, contribute to, and monitor any clinical trial.

̨ͼⱦ is the longtime leader in the DCT space—having run the industry’s first decentralized trial in addition to the industry’s largest decentralized trial. Our 20 years of continuous innovation have resulted in the industry’s most comprehensive patient-and-site-facing solutions. Supported by risk-based monitoring technology and powered by advanced analytics, we strengthen and improve clinical decision-making while protecting patient safety—from anywhere.

The following case studies demonstrate our decentralized trial capabilities (i.e. ADAPTABLE, the industry’s first fully decentralized megatrial), as well as additional solutions to strengthen your DCT offerings and help stakeholders across the entire trial.

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Decentralized Clinical Trials: Book of Case Studies